Be regular in online education

Be regular in online education

Online classes have started in my college and I am having a hard time with them. Sometimes I forget that I have a class scheduled, sometimes my brother disturbs me and hampers my studies. Please advise me on how I can study amidst all these distractions.  

Here are some tips to make the best of online classes during the pandemic.

Put up your timetable where it is clearly visible to you and your family members. This will ensure that everybody in your family knows when the classes are. Set reminders — obvious but simple. Since you are at home and a lot more than normal might be going on, stay committed to your timetable from the beginning so that you can maximise the opportunity to learn and crack this term.

Create a small study space for you to attend classes every day. A routine will give you a structure and make it feel slightly more school or college-like. Make sure there is plenty of light in that area and there is no reflection on your screen. Pick a chair which is ergonomic, otherwise those long hours will begin to tell on your posture.

Invest in a headset so that you can listen to your lectures uninterrupted. The headset will also ensure that your sibling or parents are not disturbed while they work from home or follow their own routine. Establish a routine of sanitising your headset and computer screen regularly.

Before starting class, keep water and a small snack close at hand. Since online classes require greater concentration, it is important that you don’t fall asleep or become groggy while listening to your lectures. Try to stay focussed and occasionally sip water to keep yourself alert.

Join hands with friends and form a small group to study together. The huge class WhatsApp group can be a bit much to handle, not to mention disorienting. In the smaller group, hold each other accountable. Pick friends who are inclined towards studying. Make sure each of you attends classes and motivates each other. When you join a class, look out for the others and ping anyone who has not joined the class yet.