Many benefits, few drawbacks of studying abroad

Who does not want to visit a foreign country? Isn?t it a ?Once in a Lifetime Opportunity??
By Aaron Dmello


Going abroad or visiting a foreign country sounds so tasty. But going abroad to study is an entirely different and unique experience in itself. Studying abroad has numerous benefits and they may be regarding one’s academic, personal, or career areas. It is an opportunity for a life-altering experience. Studying abroad is a thrilling chance to venture into something new and scary, and to find out your true being in the unknown.

Studying abroad is not all sunshine and rainbow. There will be winds, storms, and rain too. But their frequency in the UK has its own charm to it.  Studying a subject you like in a new country is like a rollercoaster. You’ll learn, laugh, face new challenges and earn your degree while living in a global environment.

Studying abroad will rip you off from your routine lifestyle in your home country and throw you smack in the middle of an adventure. Although initially, this might look uncomfortable and scary, there are ample reasons to convince you why studying abroad is important.

High-Quality Education - Study and learn differently

Studying abroad will introduce you to a new method of teaching and learning. This may give you a new perspective and understanding of the subject. Besides, one is always seeking to get top-quality education and several reputed international institutions have faculties made of Nobel laureates and influential industry leaders.

Studying abroad may also give you the opportunity to get an internship in career-defining companies. In other words, an internship in some top companies will help you discover what you are naturally specialized in.

Another advantage of studying abroad is the availability of a broad spectrum of electives. This will give you the chance of not being stuck in a particular subject you do not fancy. Instead allows you to take that subject which you are interested in and thus also manage to perform well in academics.

Experience a new country, new culture personally

Going abroad for studies gives you the unique opportunity of seeing and experiencing an entirely different environment. It will open to you a new window through which you will learn to accept and value your own culture while also experience the culture of another country first hand. You’ll see your home culture from the eyes of the local culture in the new country and vice-versa and thus develop cultural sensitivity within you.

Visiting a country on a holiday is nothing like studying in that very country. A holiday is a planned experience while studying for a long term in a country will open you to local knowledge. You’ll experience the place more personally. You will not fall into tourist traps but will know who sells the best coffee.

Improve communication skills

Being in a new country among new people who possibly may also be foreigners in the very country you are in will give you an opportunity to improve your communication skills. Interacting with new people, be it local or foreigner will not be a compulsion but a necessity.

Studying abroad and communicating with students from other countries will introduce you to new languages and cultures. This is a vice-versa process. Also, you English language skill will get refined since English is the common medium of education in almost all the universities the world.  

Learn a new language

Once you have reached a new country to pursue your education, you’ll be among people coming from a variety of countries around the globe. This melting pot of various cultures will give you an opportunity to learn an entirely new language.  Together, it will broaden everyone’s experience. Besides, knowing a foreign language looks very attractive on your CV.

International BFF`s  

Among the various benefits of studying abroad is the investment in relationships that could last for a lifetime. While pursuing your degree abroad, you will end up socializing with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Besides being an enriching experience, you will also develop your people skills. The exposure to different types of people will also give you in-depth knowledge about them and their culture. Such interactions might as well create international BFFs lasting a lifetime.

Discover new interests

Going to a new country to study will open you to a variety of new activities and interests which you may never have discovered staying back at home. Your, as-yet-undiscovered talent for some new sports like skiing, golf, water sports, or just hiking will emerge when such opportunities fall onto your lap in a different country.

Meanwhile, you will also come across or discover exciting new forms of entertainment. You might grow to enjoy plays, dancing, concerts, movies, nightclubs, and the whole shebang.

Personality Development

Being on your own in a foreign country is a very unique and enriching experience. The environment of studying abroad will bring out your independent nature. Being on your own will compel you to act more responsibly and thus will also help you get a grip on your life.

During your time abroad, you’ll face overwhelming situations. But it is during such time that your ability to adapt to the diverse situations will be tested and in turn you gain the realization of becoming an adult.

Your stay abroad will also teach you to appreciate the smaller things in life. You will learn to live with fewer possessions and the familiar comforts back home which you now miss but had earlier taken for granted. Your parent’s cooking to the more than two pairs of shoes are some of the little things that you’ll truly learn to appreciate. Parental arguments or sibling rivalry will become a fond memory.

Makes your CV extra-attractive

Well, this is self-explanatory. Mentioning in your CV the fact that you have studied abroad makes it quite attractive to potential employers. It shows the employer that by studying abroad you are a risk-taker, adaptive, and a problem solver looking forward to gaining new experience. That is a very attractive proposition. Besides, some studies have pointed out that employers are more likely to offer higher salaries to students who have study abroad. In other words, globally inclined students are likely to get higher starting salaries than the general populace.

Discover new foods

You are in a new country which also attracts people from a variety of countries. You essentially are in a food court with an impossible variety of delicacies. As long as you don’t mind burning extra calories with extra exercise, dig into the specialties like paella/schnitzel/katsudon/poutine/bobotie/chimichanga/shawarma/baklava/pierogi, and more.  Is that water in your mouth?


As mentioned earlier, pursuing education abroad is not all rainbows and sunshine. Expect some bitter winter and cold showers, both literally and figuratively. Despite having numerous advantages, studying abroad also has a few disadvantages to bear.

The feeling of Homesick

When lost in life, it’s your family that gives you refuge but once you are studying abroad, you are on your own. It is at this juncture, where many-a-student face the overwhelming feeling of homesickness. One could possibly call this a dominant argument against studying abroad.

When studying abroad, before having made any new friends, you will feel the lack of your family and old friends strongly. Hence, one must bear in mind that the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is very real and should consider its effect on one’s emotional well-being before planning to spend time abroad.

Meanwhile, there are many ways which will help a student to deal with homesickness. Besides, institutions also consider this seriously and provide assistance to make a student not feel like an alien or alone.

Cultural Shock

Culture shock is the first thing that will greet you abroad. Although it might look scary and disorienting, it is also thrilling. Culture shock will break you down before building you up. Things that we take for granted in India can be in the exact opposite direction abroad. It will take some time to get used to it and you might feel overwhelmed or experience some lows. Hence, you will need to come prepared for it, at least for some of its effects.

Frankly, new language, new fashion, new food, and the variety can put you in a quandary. Hence, learning beforehand about the day-to-day life of the country will help a lot. On the whole, in your life’s journey, Culture shock will eventually look like something out of a stand comedy.


Studying abroad is expensive period. Although the prices very like the variety of currencies in the world, studying abroad is an expensive affair in the least. Other than coming up with the dough to pay for the course, the student also needs additional moolah to survive for the course period in the new country.

As a college student, by now you know cash doesn’t grow on trees, and the financial commitment to study abroad can act as a strong deterrent against the wish to study abroad. Even by excluding the cost for education, accommodation, food, and travel costs all add up to a formidable number.

But there is hope. There are ways to fund your dream to study abroad. One could take advantage of the various grants, loans, and scholarships to make true their wish to study abroad.


Going to a new country can be a logistic nightmare. Ensuring the dots on every i and dashes on every T is a unique experience in itself and as a novice traveler, this may seem quite scary. From packing and moving your luggage to putting in your passport application, booking your flights, and fulfilling a whole lot of other requirements together weighs a ton of work. But there is a silver lining, for you will find support every step of the way.


Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience from which you will only come out wiser. Despite its ups and downs, this path to reach a better future comes well advised. By studying abroad, you not only become an asset for your home country but are an asset to the global community. Through your ability to bravely face drastic change and adapt to it not only makes you a global player but will also show you as a ray of hope to another student wishing to fulfill a similar dream.