Raju learnt to use a computer, You can too: Rural Computer Training Academy

Find Success at your Fingertips


Raju is that youth of a rural village in Karnataka, India who did not know how to use a computer. He was unemployed, and not knowing how to use a computer only made his situation worse.  But that was 6 months ago. Today, Raju is his own master, having his own business. His success is the direct result of him, learning how to use a computer from the Rural Computer Training Academy in his village.

Before reaching success, Raju was looking for opportunities. Looking at job opportunities listed on newspapers. He realized that without computer knowledge there were no good jobs. That is when he came across the Rural Computer Training Academy. He learnt that the Academy was particularly designed to provide basic computer literacy to the youth in rural India. As a matter of fact, the institution was specifically designed to help Raju learn the use of computers and become successful.

Rural Computer Training Academy

Rural Computer Training Academy (RCTA) is an NGO committed to providing quality computer education to the young generation living in villages. RCTA has 108 computer centres at different locations. Their computer classes have taken basic computer literacy to hundreds of students making the youth valuable, competent citizens of the country.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 institution, the aim of Rural Computer Training Academy is to provide three types of training: (a) Basic computer literacy; (b) Computer as a tool for learning in schools and home; (c) Training in hardware. RCTA is also approved by the Govt. of Karnataka Certified Vocational Training provider for Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme.

Of the students who have passed out from Rural Computer Training Academy, more than 79% of them are currently employed in Govt., Private and Public sector companies. Besides, more than 25% of female students from RCTA have opened their own enterprises.


Rural Computer Training Academy gives a variety of cost-efficient computer courses from beginners’ level to well advance level. The computer learning courses include certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses as well. Below mentioned are the courses and their time duration.



Rural Computer`s Certification in Information Technology (R.C.I.T)

3 months

Rural Computer`s Diploma in Information Technology (R.D.I.T)

6 months

Diploma in Office Administration (D.O.A)

6 months

Diploma in Desktop Publishing (D.D.T.P)

6 months

Post Graduate Diploma In

Information Technology (P.G.D.I.T)

1 year

Diploma in Computer Teachers

Training Course (D.C.T.T.C)

1 year

Advanced Diploma in

Information Technology (A.D.I.T)

1 year

Diploma in Computer Hardware (D.C.H)

6 months

Certificate Course in

Computer Teacher Training (C.T.T.C)

6 months



Today’s world runs on computers. Not knowing how to use a computer leaves you way behind in the race for success. But there is hope. An institution like Rural Computer Training Academy is specially designed to teach you the use of a computer. Through their meticulously planned, pocket-friendly courses, you become equipped with the ability to go out into the world and capitalize on all of its numerous opportunities.

Your success is literally at your fingertips and Rural Computer Training Academy takes you there.